Ortal Wilderness Stand Alone Front Facing

  • Micro Mesh Screen Heat Barrier
  • Black Reflective Glass, Standard Matte Interior
  • Is Compatible with LPG and NG gas
  • Can Be Controlled With Wall switch, WIFI And Remote
  • Contains Short Driftwood Log Set


Ortal has launched The Wilderness Collection, featuring an extraordinary gas fireplace that sets new standards in realism within the industry. With its exclusive and patented Firelog Technology, Ortal enables users to immerse themselves in the authentic ambiance of a wood-burning fire, complete with a taller and more lifelike flame. This exceptional innovation encompasses all the advancements and customizable options found in Ortal’s luxurious gas fireplaces. The Wilderness Collection also offers the choice of Driftwood Logs, enhancing the natural aesthetic of the fireplace experience.

This product is available in the following sizes

  • Wilderness Stand Alone Front Facing 110
  • Wilderness Stand Alone Front Facing 75
  • Wilderness Stand Alone Front Facing 150