Ortal Front Facing 98H (250H)

Elevate your living space with the Front-Facing 98H Fireplace by Ortal Heat and create an atmosphere of unparalleled sophistication and comfort. Immerse yourself in the radiant glow, feel the gentle warmth, and let the ambiance transport you to a realm of tranquility and indulgence. Experience the epitome of modern luxury and let Ortal Heat redefine your fireplace experience like never before.


Introducing the Front-Facing 98H Fireplace by Ortal Heat, a masterpiece of design and innovation that will redefine the way you experience warmth and elegance in your living space. With its expansive size and sleek lines, the Front-Facing 98H exudes an aura of contemporary luxury, effortlessly blending modern aesthetics with timeless charm. The striking glass frontage offers an unobstructed view of the dancing flames, creating a mesmerizing display that fills the room with a sense of enchantment and tranquility. The Front-Facing 98H is a stunning visual centerpiece and a versatile heating solution. Its innovative design allows for customizable features, including adjustable flame height and heat output, giving you complete control over your comfort. With just a touch, you can adjust the temperature, flame intensity, and even set timers to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. The fireplace is designed for effortless operation, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—relaxing and enjoying the mesmerizing beauty it brings to your space.