72″ X 30″ Louvre Long Rectangle Fire Pit by American Fyre Designs

Upgrade your outdoor space with the 72″ x 30″ Louvre Long Rectangle Fire Pit from American Fyre Designs. Crafted with precision and elegance, this fire pit adds a touch of sophistication to any patio or backyard. Gather around the dancing flames of this exquisite fire feature and create lasting memories with family and friends.

Dimensions: 72″ w x 30″ d x 15 1/4″ h

Burner: 48″ Stainless steel linear


Elevate your outdoor entertaining with the luxurious 72″ x 30″ Louvre Long Rectangle Fire Pit from American Fyre Designs. Meticulously crafted to merge functionality with style, this fire pit is a statement piece that enhances the ambiance of any outdoor setting. Whether you’re hosting lively gatherings or seeking moments of tranquility, this fire pit sets the stage for unforgettable experiences under the open sky.

Designed with both aesthetics and durability in mind, this rectangular fire pit is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and enduring beauty. The sleek Louvre-inspired design adds a touch of architectural elegance to your outdoor space, creating a captivating focal point that draws the eye and sparks conversation.

Featuring a spacious 72″ x 30″ dimension, this fire pit offers ample room for seating, allowing you to comfortably gather around the mesmerizing flames with family and friends. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the fire pit is equipped with a reliable burner system that produces a stunning display of flames, casting a warm and inviting glow over your outdoor gatherings.

Ease of use is paramount, and this fire pit delivers with its user-friendly design and intuitive operation. Igniting the flames is effortless, and adjustable controls allow you to customize the flame height to suit your preferences. Whether you’re hosting a lively outdoor party or enjoying a quiet evening under the stars, this fire pit provides the perfect ambiance for every occasion.

Available in a range of finishes to complement any outdoor aesthetic, the 72″ x 30″ Louvre Long Rectangle Fire Pit can be personalized to suit your style preferences. Optional accessories, such as a protective cover or a glass wind guard, enhance the functionality and versatility of this fire pit, ensuring years of enjoyment and relaxation in your outdoor oasis.

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and functionality with the 72″ x 30″ Louvre Long Rectangle Fire Pit from American Fyre Designs. Elevate your outdoor living experience and create lasting memories with this exceptional fire feature that transforms your patio or backyard into a haven of warmth and sophistication.