Single Sided Ready To Finish Gas Fireplace

  • Customizable linear fireplace enclosures for outdoor spaces.
  • Durable construction with Hardiebacker fiber cement board and marine-grade galvanized steel framing.
  • Options for single-sided or see-through configurations.
  • Includes pre-installed vents, control panel cut-out, and glass wind guard panels for safety.
  • Accommodates both liquid propane and natural gas installations, with concealed storage for propane tanks.
  • Made by The Outdoor Greatroom Company.


Crafted from Hardiebacker fiber cement board and G90 marine-grade galvanized steel framing, these enclosures blend durability with style. Choose from single-sided or see-through options to suit your layout preferences. Features include pre-installed vents, a cut-out for control panels, and glass wind guard panels for added safety. The included Linear Crystal Fire Plus burner insert offers efficient heating, with options for liquid propane or natural gas installations. Concealed storage for a standard 20 lb. propane tank ensures a clean look.

Fuel type options

Liquid Propane

Natural Gas

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