Valor LX1 Pier Multi-Sided Gas Fireplace

The Valor LX1 gas fireplace is a luxurious and efficient heating appliance that provides warmth and comfort to any living space. With a sleek and modern design, the LX1 features a large glass viewing area and customizable options, allowing for a personalized fireplace experience that suits any decor. Its advanced burner technology produces a realistic flame and efficient heating performance, while the programmable remote control makes operation easy. The LX1 is also environmentally friendly, with low emissions and high efficiency ratings, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious homeowners. With a range of finishes and optional features like LED lighting and a reflective glass liner, the LX1 is a stylish and practical heating solution that adds value to any home.



Model 2100PKN 2100PKP
Max Input 25,000 25,000
Min Input 14,000 14,000
Max Output 17,573 17,573
Energuide 66.63% 66.63%