Uptown Iroko Linear Gas Fire Pit Table

  • Made with Iroko wood and a linen-colored Supercast™ concrete top, this fire table is built to withstand outdoor elements and last for years.
  • The 12” x 42” Crystal Fire® Plus burner, fueled by either liquid propane or natural gas, delivers a high heat output of 65,000/80,000 BTUs, ensuring efficient heating and a beautiful flame display with clear tempered fire glass gems.
  • While set up for liquid propane, the included conversion kit allows for easy conversion to natural gas, providing flexibility in fuel choices.
  • Comes standard with a manual ignition featuring a battery-operated sparker. Alternatively, you can upgrade to electronic Direct Spark Ignition for added convenience.
  • The sliding access door conceals a standard 20 lb. propane tank in the base, maintaining a tidy appearance. Additionally, it is UL listed, meeting safety standards, and is made in the USA with a mix of US and imported parts, ensuring quality and safety.
  • Made by The Outdoor Greatroom Company


The Uptown modern fire table boasts a sophisticated design, featuring durable Iroko wood and a linen-colored Supercast™ concrete top supported by a sleek black aluminum base. Its 12” x 42” Crystal Fire® Plus burner, adorned with clear tempered fire glass gems, delivers impressive heat ranging from 65,000 to 80,000 BTUs. Optional accessories like a glass wind guard and protective cover allow for customization, while its ability to convert from liquid propane to natural gas adds versatility. With safety features like a concealed propane tank and UL listing, the Uptown ensures both functionality and peace of mind for outdoor gatherings.