HearthStone Deva

The HearthStone Deva is a compact wood-burning stove designed for efficient home heating. It has a maximum heat output of 28,000 BTUs per hour and can heat up to 1,000 square feet of living space. The Deva has a unique soapstone lining in the firebox that retains heat and radiates it even after the fire has gone out. This soapstone lining also provides a more even and consistent heat output.


Baking Oven
The ample oven is constructed from stainless steel, equipped with racks, visible and large enough to cook a 20 pound turkey.

Vitreoceramic cook top
The ceramic glass cooking surface is easy to clean, scratch resistant, and spacious enough for a number of pots and pans. Cast iron circles can be removed from the surface below the glass to increase the heat in certain areas.

Temperature control
Keep a consistent temperature when baking by adjusting a simple control which regulates the amount of hot air circulating around the oven.


Model Deva
BTU Up to 46,000
Efficiency 78% HHV
EPA Certified Exempt
Finish Black Enamel
Firebox Capacity 1.6 cu ft
Flue Exit Diameter 6
Flue Exit Location Top or Rear
Maximum Log Length 17″
Oven Capacity 2.5 cu ft
Model 8220
Stove Type Wood Cook Stove
Weight 484