HearthStone Clydesdale

The Clydesdale has a unique soapstone lining in the firebox that retains heat and radiates it even after the fire has gone out. This soapstone lining also provides a more even and consistent heat output. The Clydesdale has a primary air control lever that regulates the amount of oxygen entering the firebox, allowing for easy temperature control. It also has a secondary air supply that ignites unburned gases to increase efficiency and reduce emissions.


TruHybrid Efficiency
Clean-burning, highly efficient, and easy to operate, the Clydesdale uses our TruHybrid™ technology. Engage the catalyst and turn your stove down for slow and efficient overnight burns.

Open view of the fire
The Clydesdale’s large open window lets you see as much fire as possible. Enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace and the efficiency of HearthStone.

Soapstone firebox
Burn up to 24 inch logs in the soapstone lined firebox. Soapstone retains the maximum heat from your fire and radiates steady warmth as your insert burns.


Model Clydesdale
Blower Included
BTU Up to 60,000
Efficiency 79% HHV
EPA Certified 1.6 g/hr
Finish Brown Enamel, Matte Black
Firebox Capacity 2.4 cu ft
Flue Exit Diameter 6
Flue Exit Location Top, 2 positions
HeatLife 24 Hours of heat
Heats up to 2,000 sq ft
Maximum Log Length 22″
Model 8492
Stove Type Wood Fireplace Insert
Weight 550

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Color Options

Brown, Matte Black