Hearthstone Shelburne

The HearthStone Shelburne is a high-performance wood-burning stove designed for efficient home heating. It has a maximum heat output of 60,000 BTUs per hour and can heat up to 2,000 square feet of living space.

The stove is constructed with a durable cast iron body and features a large glass viewing window on the front door, allowing for a clear view of the fire. The glass is made of heat-resistant ceramic and is kept clean by an air wash system that circulates air over the glass to prevent soot buildup.


Cast Iron Detail
The Shelburne is constructed of high-quality cast iron parts from our Spanish foundry and finished with beautiful porcelain enamel.

Finished From Every Angle
The Shelburne is designed to be seen from all sides. With a fully detailed and enameled backside, this cast iron stove looks great in the center of a room.

TruHybrid™ + Soapstone
Lined with soapstone blocks and using our TruHybrid™ technology, the Manchester offers long-lasting and efficient heat.


Model Shelburne
BTU Up to 60,000
Efficiency 79% HHV
EPA Certified 0.6 g/hr
Finish Basil Enamel, Brown Enamel, Matte Black
Firebox Capacity 2 cu ft
Flue Exit Diameter 6
Flue Exit Location Available Soon, Rear, Top, Top or Rear, Top, 2 positions
HeatLife 24 Hours of heat
Heats up to 2,000 sq ft
Maximum Log Length 18″
Weight 385