Fire Magic Aurora A-series Portable Grills

The Fire Magic Aurora A-series portable grills are high-quality outdoor grills designed for durability and functionality. Some of these models features a large cooking areas, a built-in digital thermometer, and interior halogen lights, making it perfect for hosting large outdoor events. We also offer more compact options with a single side burner, and a built-in analog thermometer. All models are made with durable stainless steel construction and are designed to offer high-performance grilling on the go.


The Fire Magic Aurora A-series portable grills are packed with exciting features that make outdoor cooking an unforgettable experience! Here are some of the standout features of these grills:

Durable stainless steel construction
Portable design for outdoor use
High-performance burners for even heat distribution
Large cooking areas for entertaining guests
Built-in thermometers for accurate temperature control
Interior halogen lights for easy monitoring of cooking progress
Single side burners for additional cooking options
Sleek and modern design that will enhance any outdoor space
Easy-to-clean grates and surfaces
Temperature zones for versatile cooking options
Wind-resistant design for reliable outdoor use
Overall, these Fire Magic Aurora A-series portable grills are the perfect combination of style, durability, and functionality, designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience to the next level!